Do it Again…

Themed 365 Project

I must have taken at least a few dozen pictures of these row houses in Allaire over the years and even posted a few on the blog before.  And as I embarked on my walk through Allaire on this occasion my attention was no where near taking any shots of this building again until I looked up and saw this  magical, early evening light. The sun was projecting onto the building in such a way that I had to stop and take a few. I really think this is one of the best I’ve taken to really bring out the character of this 18th century building. The textures and lines and shadows really bring out the best of this often photographed spot. Oh, and of course, I had to convert to B+W really accentuate those tones.

I really enjoy and love the look of this style(B+W, high contrast) of photography. Now I know that Ron isn’t fond of monochrome imagery so maybe I’ll post the originals tomorrow so I can satisfy his craving for color:)

Again, I always love to hear your opinions so…….word up.

Single shots captured from my Canon XTI with Sigma 10-20mm lens, processed in Lightroom and converted in Nik Silver Efex Pro.


8 thoughts on “Do it Again…

  1. Sunlight and long shadows, repetition and leading lines, you’ve crammed a lot to look at into these wonderful images, I hardly noticed they were in B&W, what does that tell you?

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