What is That….

Themed 365 Project

The Foreman’s Cottage is the oldest brick building in the Historic Village at Allaire, constructed in 1827 specifically as a residence for the Company Foreman. The one and an half story home has a second floor sleeping and storage area with its own hearth as well as a cooking hearth on the first floor living area and an internal chimney. The foreman’s cottage is uniquely situated, originally having a clear view of the blast furnace and casting shed. The Company Foreman was able to look out the Cottage’s front doors or windows and, judging by the color of the smoke rising from the furnace cupola’s be able to determine the quality of a blast. Yellow smoke would indicate too much sulfur or charcoal in the blast, a white smoke meant too much calcium or flux, a black smoke indicated too much carbon which could be a result of too much iron ore or charcoal. Visitors to the Foreman’s Cottage now visit the building’s back door passing by a 19th century medicinal herb garden.

A repeat of a post from a few years ago. The lighting at the end of the day caught my eye and so I snapped it! Played with the processing after watching an HDR tutorial which can be found here. Love his shots too!

3 shot HDR processed in Lighroom, Photomatix and Topaz. Shot with Canon XTI and Sigma 10-20mm.


5 thoughts on “What is That….

  1. A Dusky tribute to a part of history that today’s greenies would term shadowy at best. But a fitting reward for the guy in charge. Wonderful atmosphere.

  2. You captured this charming scene wonderfully…I love how realistic the processing is…now do we get to see the inside?

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