On A Farm…

Themed 365 Project

The sky evolved into something pretty dramatic just before I arrived at the site of the fireworks so I quickly stopped at a farm market near my house to take this shot.

John Deere is about as Americana as you can get so it’s only fitting to take this shot on the fourth of July. An American classic on a classic American day! I won’t get too much into it but, if we want to reduce unemployment and restore economic stability in the US, we need to start producing and manufacturing more products with American workers on US work sites. I know it’s quite simplistic but I think it might work. No?

3 shot HDR from Photomatix and Lightroom….Canon XTI and a Sigma 10-20mm


12 thoughts on “On A Farm…

  1. Great to see the colourful Boomer Back in business. I agree with your plan too except substitute Australian for American LOL. I mean your mob bought Vegemite and none of you even eat it – Give back our Vegemite! LOL

  2. That was sure a worthwhile stop on the way to your original destination Mike. I[m not sure if I like the colors or the composition more, but the shot is a winner. Your plan to get out of this economic funk is a good one. It’d be nice to see it catch on.

  3. You caught that amazing light so well, this is awesome.
    I don’t know about John Deere but ironically Caterpillar is doing very well building China…

  4. very well captured and composed. there is something about digital photography that picks up the drama you captured in this sky that film often left flat.

  5. How fortunate to have that beatiful sunset occur for your subject. Each product brought back home to be produced with our quality control is a step in the right direction. The known recalls are only the tip of the iceberg. And every job added is a victory.

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