Amazing Fireworks…

Themed 365 Project

My second attempt @ fireworks this weekend…much better than the first but still need some work. My first attempt was feeble at best and I deleted every single one of them. In a nut shell….poor vantage point and the wrong lens. I did my homework for this exhibition and it paid off….better vantage point and the same lens, my Sigma 10-20.

Having positioned myself much closer to the action allowed me to almost fill the frame with light….

Clicking the picture will take you to an even larger version for more details.

I’m fairly happy with the result of these shots. My next goal with fireworks may be to trek over to Weehawken and photograph the Macy’s fireworks… you all get to see them? Amazing!


11 thoughts on “Amazing Fireworks…

  1. Marvelous! I love the top one at dusk where you got the sunset and the onlookers in the foreground. For my first fireworks attempt this year, I was at the field and directly underneath the fireworks so couldn’t get such an expansive show. Now I can’t wait to try more!

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