High Contrast…B+W

Themed 365 Project

While walking around the rail yard at Allaire State Park I began to think about the stories that surround some of these old trains. I don’t know how old this first locomotive is but it has seen some serious mileage, I’m sure it has arrived and departed a few historic places and possibly transported a few interesting people or cargo. It certainly got my attention!

This particular train was sitting in a back garage I assume waiting to be restored. A daunting task given the looks of it’s condition. I choose a B+W HDR process to accentuate the corrosive nature of it’s condition. I think the high contrast draws attention to the important features to the shot as well.

As I reviewed the original shots in Lightroom I could see the lighting was just right to bring out the textures and curves of these trains. I knew I wanted to create a final product that would make draw the viewer to these aspects of the shots. Did I accomplish my goal? Maybe?

Anyway, one of the many features I like about Lightroom is the ability to scroll through all of the built-in presets and preview the results in the navigator panel. It’s quite a timesaver. So if you are one who likes to minimize time spent in post definitely think about utilizing that feature in Lightroom.



7 thoughts on “High Contrast…B+W

  1. Besides the high contrast B/W being perfect for these shots, the unique camera angle crop adds interest. The curves and textures pop!

  2. I particularly like the second shot. For some reason, the balance of light and dark tones in that one is really appealing. Also, the light on the identifying markings looks a bit like a puff of steam. Very cool shot.

  3. I first noticed the light that looks like a bit of steam too. That bottom shot seems to have so much power, maybe as Ron said from your angle.

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