Sports Galore…

Themed 365 Project

Well, we have one tournament weekend under our belts and we all survived 6 games on Saturday and 3 games on Sunday. My oldest daughter’s(top) team went 2-4 and my youngest daughter’s(bottom) team compiled 3 wins and 1 loss. Each one played very very well and as always I’m very proud of them. It’s nice to watch all star teams as the quality of play is much better which makes watching more enjoyable. Thanks girls for providing an entertaining weekend!

From a photography standpoint I probably batted a mere .250. I need quite a bit more experience with action shots and a 300mm lens might help??!!?? No, I will not be purchasing one anytime soon…, no I won’t.

6 thoughts on “Sports Galore…

  1. A tru;y fortinate man is one who can thrive vicariously on the successess of his offspring! Congratulations on the vindication of your genetics! LOL. With regard to the Lens “Just say No”! “No”! “No”! “No”! “No”! I love a good mantra.

  2. With only one tournament down I am sure a 300mm will be in your hands in no time! 🙂 I think you captured some awesome shots…love the clarity and the look of concentration in their faces! Hope your girls’ seasons go well!

  3. .250 isn’t so bad for photography…you’ll have a better average in no time with all that practice you’re getting with 2 players in the family! These photos sure capture some great moments!

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