In Your House…

Themed 365 Project

Another grey morning forced me to stay indoors so I decided to give you a look into my house on any given morning during the summer vacation. Summer camp hasn’t started yet so I can usually find my youngest daughter lounging around waiting for her older sister to get up out of bed….like me as a teenager, she can sleep easily til noon. It’s kind of nice for it’s reasonably quiet til then.

Quick HDR for this shot with the new, beta version of Photomatix. This program keeps evolving into something even more special as more and more functions are added each time! I recommend you checking it out if your into HDR.


11 thoughts on “In Your House…

  1. It feels as if I could walk into your family room and watch tv w/ your daughter! At least you have one that wakes up…both of mine sleep til noon…we never get anything done!

  2. There’s no place like home and I’m particularly impressed with the large quilted wall hanging and the fact that there’s laundry waiting patiently for someone to put it away.

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