I’m Coming Back Slowly…

Themed 365 Project

Things are settling down here in the next few days so I hope to get back to some regular shooting but in the mean time I thought I would post a little experiment with some new software I purchased. The shot below was processed with an Ipad app called Snapseed, it’s from Nik Software and it’s showing some serious promise.

My skills with this software obviously need serious help but I like it’s(and mine) capabilities. It even has selective adjustments just like other Nik software. All for $5!!!!!!

In a short time I will also post about the exciting way I was able to get my photos directly into my Ipad……no synching…..SWEET!


6 thoughts on “I’m Coming Back Slowly…

  1. I am missing your posts and am looking forward to your return! Ohhhhhhhh….I do like that effect….it really brings out the muted colors and I love the vignette effect! Looking forward to seeing more from that app….can’t beat $5 to get processing like that!

  2. Five Million, one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven dollars seems a lot for software, I’d want at least an iPhone thrown in, but I guess yanks are richer than us Aussies. Nice Tractor BTW.

  3. Hey, Mike…I’ve been thinking about your photography this week as we are spending time on the California coast. Lots of waves and big rocks, like your coast. Haven’t had any morning, sun, though.

    Read about Snapseed on Kelby’s blog. Looking forward to learning how to move my photos without syncing (and hopefully w/o the $30 camera attachment?)

    1. I love the Cali coast and can’t wait to see some sunset shots. Yes, snapseed is a pretty nice little program…will take some getting used to though. Bad news though, the transporting of photos to an Ipad will cost you $30.

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