What Haven’t I Been Doing…

Themed 365 Project

First let me apologize for not having visited most of your blogs lately, the madness is in full swing, literally! Softball has consumed our lives yet it’s all good. My oldest daughter is playing high school softball as well as playing rec. ball. Coupled with competition dance, she has absolutely no free time. My youngest is playing softball as well and I’m coaching both of their teams. Above, you see the beginnings of a project I’ve started in my yard. I have little time for all my leisure activities and it looks like this won’t subside for another 4-5 weeks.

My posts will be sporadic at best and I will visit your blogs as best I can. As always, thanks for stopping by here!


9 thoughts on “What Haven’t I Been Doing…

  1. Both teams are headed for the Major League, if your coaching of us on HDR is anything to go by! Go for it coach – The Girls need you! Which must be a relief for your old Dad who at times most women would drive you off with a stick! LOL

  2. I’m in the same situation right now…soccer season, real estate season and gardening lol Enjoy your time…your landscaping is looking beautiful!

  3. I would say you have your priorities in the right order, these times don’t come again.

    Refreshing to see a Spring yard, I’m still looking at some snow in mine!

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