The Creative Juices are Flowing…

Themed 365 Project

As I was scouring a few photographers blogs I came across across Wayne Fox’s blog and not only loved his photo’s but I really liked the presentation of each shot. More specifically, the recessed borders around the outside of each shot, so I gave it a go as to figuring out how to do it. After spending about 45 minutes and getting slightly frustrated, I finally figured it out and would like to present it below. If you like the look and have a go at it(or have your own workflow) link back to here and we’ll see your results.

1. Import image into elements and convert to a regular layer.

2. Create a new layer and increase canvas size by  .5 to .75 inches.

3. Fill this layer with a color of your choice.

4. Apply an inner shadow from the special effects palette(layer styles).

5. Apply a drop shadow from the special effects palette(layer styles) to the photo layer.

6. Add your signature and your done.

BTW, if anyone knows how to create this differently or can develop an action, let me know, I love automation.


22 thoughts on “The Creative Juices are Flowing…

  1. All the water has washed the colour from your shot but the tut on the border effect came through in bright clarity for me, Thank you. I’ll have a go at this one, myself. Always willing to pick your brains mate!

  2. really great results. I love the outgoing water flow you’ve captured. I’ll bookmark the instructions for a later date. FYI, your hyperlink to Wayne’s blog is not working for me

  3. The sweeping look on the beach adds the drama to this image for me. What exposure was this shot at? The addition of the drop shadow does add dimension.

  4. Ok, well I have to say the border is nice, but the photo is way nicer. I’m not personally much of a fan of borders, because I feel like they get in the way of the image sometimes. This one doesn’t too much.

    But the shot is the great thing. Superb lines in the water!

  5. My first thought was that the border didn’t do much for me and I quickly got involved with your image. I wonder now how much more that border actually accentuates your image – that’s exactly what a good border should do! It shouldn’t overpower your image for sure. Generous of you to share the tutorial Mike.

    Anyway, I love this image. I really like the soft sweeping lines of the foreground waters and I see crosses in the wooden remnants – a striking image IMHO.

    1. Thanks for viewing and I’m glad the tutorial worked for you. You’ve inspired me to go back and post a few shots with that border….thanks!

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