Reeking an Ugly Head…

Themed 365 Project

It seems like I haven’t posted an HDR in quite some time so here’s my take on an asphalt production facility I pass on my way to work.

Shots like this are sometimes difficult with my Sigma 10-20mm lens. Whenever tilting the lens upward or downward there’s a fine line when a significant amount of distortion reeks it’s ugly head. I narrowly missed that fine line with the above shot. Below is an example of that distortion I’m talking about…….

Even the lens correction tools in Lightroom and Elements can’t totally rectify this ugly head.


8 thoughts on “Reeking an Ugly Head…

  1. Wow – love the first picture and I can’t believe the distortion in the second picture! Thanks for sharing — I had not see it quite so dramatic as this.

  2. I love the HDR – seems a really good way to process an industrial setting like this.

    I’m surprised by the distortion having never shot with a wide angle lens before. It looks like the further you are from your subject the less you have to tilt the camera and the less the distortion. So using it in tight situations is a no-go, I suppose? I guess this is why architectural photographers use those really pricey tilt shift lenses.

  3. Great examples. Top notch hdr – you made a mundane sight dynamic. Good example of distortion, gives pause for thought in choosing a quality lens, although distortion isn’t curable.

  4. Fab processing once more! Instructive as to the distortion. I’ve been loving your shots with the Sigma and lust after a very wide lens.

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