The Tale of Three…

Themed 365 Project

When they arrived there weren’t many surfers braving the elements so they hung around presumably debating whether or not to tackle the conditions. After a few minutes they opted to put the boards aside and go get their skim boards. A safer bet is what I imagined they were thinking.

Shot Settings: Canon XTI and Tamron 17-50mm @ f11, 1/750 sec, iso 200 at 24mm.

11 thoughts on “The Tale of Three…

  1. This photo really grabs me in a way the last one did not. In this shot the boys seem slightly more interactive with the sea whereas in the last shot they seemed somewhat disengaged from it. The addition of the boards makes this a great story telling shot and, along with the fence, add an important foreground element. Love it….

  2. This is composed perfectly…love the fence and the empty surf boards in the foreground and the surfers looking at those huge waves in the background…this really tells a story!

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