What’s Behind the Silhouette…

Themed 365 Project

I ventured down to the beach to see if last night’s noreaster was still having an effect on the waves in Manasquan. Wow…. it sure was! The wave sets, as I was told, were between 7-10 feet and just pounding the beach. This was about as menacing as I’ve ever seen it and it didn’t let up for the 3 hours I spent there.

I spoke to several surfers while I was there and got some great information about the mindset of a surfer in these conditions. Some guys jumped right in and others, like these 3 high school boys, were much more hesitant. Eventually all three of them went in and surfed a few large waves and I would say they performed pretty darn well given the tenacity of the waves. They got my respect!

10 thoughts on “What’s Behind the Silhouette…

  1. I love how the waves look huge against those silhouettes…perfect way to show the size and intensity of the waves!

  2. This and the one above are so um… swell. Looks like they are wearing wet suits, I hope so. Are there ever good waves in warmer weather and water there?

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