Made in the Shade…

Themed 365 Project

Next to the pool, the only other place to be while in Vegas was under these palm trees.  105 in the sun, 90 in the shade and 70 in the pool…….. but it’s a dry heat…yea right!

17 thoughts on “Made in the Shade…

  1. I lived in AZ for two years. All of that “dry heat” talk is only good up to a point. When it’s over 100 and you feel like you are in an oven, heat is heat! Fun shot, and I hope you had a cold drink with you.

  2. Great Camera Angle! Very cooling look to it. We were at the Hoover Dam a couple of years ago and 118 is 118 — it doesn’t matter if it’s dry heat or not!

  3. Looks like you were flat on your back taking this shot! Love the viewpoint, and the fact that theres only a few colours in this shot, and its still interesting 🙂

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