Can I Show You My New Furniture…..

Themed 365 Project

Well, it’s not really mine but can I show you my new furniture picture? I took this many moons ago and finally figured out how to contain the blown out highlights. Which brings me to something I read a while back about saving all your originals even if you think there not acceptable. As my processing knowledge and skills have improved I’ve found that I’m able to salvage quite a few shots that I initially thought were unacceptable. So, don’t hit that delete button quite yet. Sit on those questionable shots, you never know well you’ll be able to fix them…..ah, the beauty of digital!


6 thoughts on “Can I Show You My New Furniture…..

  1. Am glad to hear I’m not the only one saving some shots that maybe should be trashed…but then I am a saver. I know I can do things now that I couldn’t even last year. A different subject for you, Mike!

  2. I have a hard time deleting photos. Then I think I’m saving too many. I am trying to learn what to keep and what to ditch. Hopefully I am making some progress.

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