I’ve Been Acting Out Lately….

Themed 365 Project

…well not really but the opportunities for taking pictures have been slim and none so I’m posting this shot from some time ago. I tonemapped the Bucks County Playhouse a while back and am posting it now just to keep this blog alive. I must apologize for not commenting on many of your posts but I am lurking and admiring your shots just not enough time to comment.

The softball season starts tomorrow and the craziness has begun. I hope to get out and shoot but  don’t see any chances in the near distant future. Check back every once in a while as I may resurrect shots from a while back. Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “I’ve Been Acting Out Lately….

  1. I always thought that you had a thespian bent, how bout a shot of Bob’s Country Bunker where they play both kinds of Music – Country and Western?

  2. Another one I am glad we didn’t miss…love the playhouse’s surrounding!

    Good luck in baseball season. We are now in full soccer season too, I know what you mean about time lol Enjoy!

  3. Well, I like to see your photos no matter when they were taken. I’m getting ready for an intensive yard/garden season and hosting my grandsons during their summer holidays. Lots of photo ops but editing time is at a premium.

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