Too Much Blue?

Themed 365 Project

What do you think? I would have much prefered ominous looking, black clouds with bolts of lightning. Is that too much to ask for? Well, I guess the rocks in the foreground make this interesting anyway?

BTW, that’s the Barnegat Lighthouse in the background! Have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “Too Much Blue?

  1. The rocks do make it interesting but the lighthouse in the distance saves it. Gives a nice place for the eyes to land. In my opinion, there is never enough blue sky and blue water.

  2. I love the blue skies. When I view a picture for the first time I try and pay attention to what my eye is drawn to. Here I see the rocks in detail, but am immediately drawn to the lighthouse as it seems to stand out in the distance. Nice.

  3. The rocks lead the eye over the expanse of blue water to the lighthouse in the distance and the beautiful blue sky. There is nothing not to like in this image. It is a winner.

  4. I agree, blue skies are wonderful but somehow they look better on photos with at least some small clouds. however, after thsi winter we do appreciate the bright blue skies 🙂 The textures of the stones at fron “does” teh photo for me. I think I would cut the photo so I got the lighthous a bit at the side of it

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