He was Trying to Say Something to Me…

Themed 365 Project








As I was taking shots of this little guy he keep shuffling back and forth on the perch and I could faintly hear him trying to say something to me:) At first I thought he was trying to tell me not to get any closer or else I would lose him as a subject. I didn’t stop moving closer and as I got up close I could hear him say something to the effect of  “That Aussie guy…….Where’s that Aussie guy?” Now I only know 1 or 2 Aussies and only one through photography so I can only assume………….I don’t know Ron…you’ve got a reputation everywhere!


11 thoughts on “He was Trying to Say Something to Me…

  1. Funny how Ron’s reputation is known through out the world lol

    I love these shots…the shallow depth really brings out all the wonderful little details in the bird…what outstanding clarity!

  2. Looks like the Dreaded Assassin Finch to me Mike but I think you Mis-Heard Him. I think he was saying “Lousy Guy! Lousy Guy!” FILL UP THE BLOODY FEEDER he is hungry! Lovely Close up!

  3. I think he was shopping for a girlfriend and thought you would sign him up on a dating service. Finches are so sweet soon his coloring will be bright yellow.

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