Sidelight Experiment…

Themed 365 Project

Light is everything when it comes to photography(like you haven’t heard that before). But side lighting can turn a rather mundane scene(like this shot) into something quite dramatic. I really like how the highlights of the wave contrast directly with the darks of the rocks. So whenever possible try to take into account the direction of the light.

Couple this lighting with a strong B+W conversion and you you get even more drama. Do you agree?

I’m really excited about the possibilities with Silver Efex Pro. Give it a try!


15 thoughts on “Sidelight Experiment…

  1. Wow, both are gorgeous, but that black and white is just stunning! I want that program, but not in the budget right now!

  2. I do love the black and white version. It is a stunning image. The sidelight really makes the water pop.

  3. Love these Boomer, I kust took some shots of a Blow Hole in Tasmania on a really dull morning, any advise on bringing out the spray like you have?

  4. Hmmmm.. the waves do pop a bit more in the BW… BUT I feel overall there is much more being said in the color version. I feel like the side light on the rocks is almost the focus for me, and thus must not be muted to carry the same weight (which ends up happening with BW conversion)… just seems like something is missing and there is not enough dynamic range in the rocks in the BW. I do really like the color shot though, good comp with the corner lead in and the light blocks, good exposure for the side lighting too.
    Thanks for the comparison

  5. Both are wonderful images. Although the B&W is more dramatic, I really like the lighting in the color image. For me the sidelight is more effective there. Always a matter of personal opinion!

  6. I like seeing both, I love the color in the lit side of the rocks,and the water does pop a bit more in the B&W. Perfect capture of the water spray and the waves breaking.

  7. I’m on the fence about this, both are lovely images for different reasons. The weathered rocks in the photo are not as prominent in the B/W, but the lighting in the B/W is wonderful… its a tough choice 🙂

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