Surface Details….

Themed 365 Project

A few months back I was talking about the need for me to pay more attention to details in my shots and I believe this was one of the first attempts to do just that. That obviously didn’t last long because Gisele noticed the N in my vineyard shot and I didn’t. I guess I need to work further on this aspect of my skill. Thanks for reminding me Gisele!


15 thoughts on “Surface Details….

  1. I’d say you caught on rather quickly…the detail and clarity in the texture on the wood and ice is outstanding!

  2. Well, I knew what I was looking for, because I remembered about the Norton grape….but you’re welcome anyway 🙂

    I’d say you have a pretty firm grasp on catching details!

    The wood is great, and I like how it attracts me to the sky in the upper right corner…..the sky moves light to dark, left to right.

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