We Will Drink No Wine Before it’s Time…

Themed 365 Project

Just a small portion of the vineyard at the Renault Winery in southern New Jersey. Norto, I suppose, is a particular grape grown on the winery property. I saw a few other markings along my walk but I liked the lighting on this shot the most. I had to run it through Photomatix as a single exposure HDR to open up the Norto sign. It worked pretty well.


6 thoughts on “We Will Drink No Wine Before it’s Time…

  1. I think they left out the last “n” as there is a grape called “Norton” which was one of the first American grapes – it went in and out of popularity and is sometimes still found in wines (mostly from the East Coast). Don’t ask me how I know this, because I am far from an expert (although I have friends in PA who have a little personal vineyard who told me about grapes from the area and this nugget stayed with me). In fact, I just looked again and it looks like there might be a faint shadow of the N at the end.

    Anyway….nice lines in this shot.

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