Themed 365 Project

Several people asked to see the original of my last post so here it is. I’m interested to hear what you think because it really is void of any real color, imho. Perfect for SEP2.

8 thoughts on “Repost….

  1. Thanks for this, because it helps me understand processing options better. I like the original image (probably better in B&W, as you are right about no “real” color) and now I can tell how much the processing affected the water, which looked cool to start with but even better enhanced.

  2. I do like the very muted colors of the original. Your B/W processing is great in the other,however this one is not to be dismissed as uninteresting.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Mike. Obviously the choices you made with the B&W work well… but also proves that the key to post processing is a fine composition in the original.

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