More East Coast Sunrise…

Themed 365 Project

Yes, I do post too many sunrise shots but I haven’t taken a decent shot elsewhere in quite a long time. I’m in a little bit of a funk and today didn’t help either.

10 thoughts on “More East Coast Sunrise…

  1. I can’t believe this is considered your funk! Breathtakingly beautiful! I could wake up to pictures like this every morning!

  2. This is even better than the last! Funks seem to come and go this time of year…especially creative ones. A little away time from the creative pressures can help. I took a week and became hungry again…literally when I burned my broiled sandwich because I was tuned out taking photos.

  3. That bit of moon is some icing. I’d think sunrises like these last few would stave off a funk. I like sunrise this time of year but in June they are a bit early.

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