Meet Sunrise, Sometimes Confused with Dawn…

Themed 365 Project

Sometimes I think I post way too many of these sunrise shots but I guess there are many people who don’t see these too often, so this is for you!

Shot Settings: Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm, f11, 1/90 sec. at iso 100

8 thoughts on “Meet Sunrise, Sometimes Confused with Dawn…

  1. If I do see the dawn, I am confused. Probably because I am still awake from the night before. However, this happens much less frequently these days. It’s a beautiful shot. How far are you from the beach?

  2. I could never get sick of these….I just poured my morning coffee and what an image to wake up to! You started my day off on the right foot for sure!

    In answer to your question on my blog….I used to use the Canon XSI (which I love). My son is taking some photography courses at the community college and I didn’t like sharing so I updated to the 60D. With the boys graduating next year I really wanted a camera that did video as well. I haven’t played a whole bunch, but so far I am noticing tons more clarity. Also, this camera is much faster and I am noticing it is easier to get some low light hand held shots that are clear with less noise. So far I am happy, I just need more time to re learn and play!

  3. Sunrises at the shore, or seascape photos, I can’t get enough of being from the landlocked interior prairies. Bring em on!! Especially as well done as you have a rep for. We all have our oft repeated subjects…usually what we know best or have ready access to.

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