It Happens at Daybreak…

Themed 365 Project

My favorite time of the day. Posting has been scarce and commenting even worse. My apologies to all, hopefully I can increase my participation very soon.


15 thoughts on “It Happens at Daybreak…

  1. As long as you keep giving us gems like this, you can post as infrequently as you want! Seriously, I think all of us experience an ebb and flow of posting and commenting at some time. We’re all very forgiving.

  2. Wow, that’s a sweeeet picture! You must live in the most beautiful place in the world! The pinks and blues of this early morning scene are well worth getting up early for them. And the shack and the toppled fence add to the drama/mood.

  3. What magnificent lighting and color, Mike!! Such a gorgeous shot. Looks like a beautiful morning to be up and about in your neck of the woods. The glow on the hut really makes this shot for me!

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