Group or Groupings…

Themed 365 Project

Here’s my brother giving last minute directions for the members of the Monmouth Rugby Club during his Flip for Good event.

Again I tried to experiment with Topaz Sympilfy to give this a unique look. You like?


6 thoughts on “Group or Groupings…

  1. I like the topaz treatment in the previous post photo, but not so much in this one. This photo is too busy for it. The other photo will make an excellent poster for next years event, whereas this photo should be more “documentary”. There we go with my opinion again. Free advice is worth about what you pay for it.

  2. Nice random group setting….I do like the simplify, but I think I would like it here with a bit less details. I really liked yesterdays effect, this one is more realistic and a bit on the “gritty” side.

  3. It’s interesting to have these intentionally simplified shots come from you when you usually do the HDR with the ultra amount of details. I think I liked yesterday’s process a bit better.

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