If You Build It They Will Come…

Themed 365 Project

…and that they did.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Long Branch, NJ. was known as the Hollywood of the East where some of the greatest entertainers of the day gathered and performed. In fact the entertainment was so good it brought many of the presidents of the time, from Chester Arthur to Woodrow Wilson. This statue is of President Garfield, he was brought here after his attempted assassination in July 1881. He eventually died here in Long Branch in Sept. of 1881.

On another note, I need to apologize for not commenting on many of your blogs lately. The reason is two-fold 1. Lately my time has become limited and 2. Many of the blogger blogs will not accept my comments (am I that bad at commenting???:) Anyway, I hope things turn around in order to post to your blogs but softball is starting soon and that doesn’t help either. I also want to thank everyone who blogs here often, I really value your opinions.

Shot settings: No HDR… Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm, f9.5, 2 sec. iso 100

12 thoughts on “If You Build It They Will Come…

  1. Beautiful perspective…I love how the statue is looking off into the sunset and how the clouds seem to be gravitating that way! You took one picture perfect image!

  2. Wowser! this is a super photo…color, composition, processing…I too am frustrated by Blogger as it takes SO much time to get a post to go thru. Am tempted to look at several photos and then post a comment referring to them all on one post…then I could make the rounds on a more timely basis.

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