New Jersey’s Cement Life Preserver….

Themed 365 Project

Surrounding the Manasquan jetty are these man-made cement barriers. On this particular day they were taking a beating from the wind and waves of the Atlantic. I was the only idiot out there I guess because the temp. was 44 and the wind was howling a constant 30mph. Wish I brought my gloves….

Shot settings: Tamron 17-50mm at 17mm, f11, 1/10 sec, iso 100 and tripod


15 thoughts on “New Jersey’s Cement Life Preserver….

  1. That silky smooth water is just awesome…and I love how the graffiti gives this just the right amount of color! So glad you braved the wind and cold (although that sounds like a heatwave to me)!

  2. There’s nothing like getting a little seaspray in your face, and I can’t believe there wasn’t a warning sign anywhere, or was there? I like how busy that water looks.

  3. I’m glad to have another view of these barriers. I like how the diagonal lines of the ocean spray leads the eye right up to the sky and also how the spray breaks the straight line of the horizon.

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