The Motion of the Ocean…

Themed 365 Project

Okay okay okay, who was spying on me? I’m fessing up, now those following me come forth! It must have been Jacki. I have to admit I did climb the dunes but I think I’ll be released due to a technicality. I was climbing the dunes at this point but honestly there were no signs of any signs until I got to the other side of this spot. Does that make me out of bounds? The motion of the jury is???????


11 thoughts on “The Motion of the Ocean…

  1. ha! Busted! I’m sure you were not destructive, didn’t litter, etc., so I’ll let you off with a warning. I like the ripples you’ve captured in the sand.

  2. I just knew it! So you suffer from tunnel vision and you had a ‘boy look’ and therefore didn’t see the sign, let off with a caution due to contributions to our visual senses.
    Did you go back and cover your steps…

  3. I’ll excuse it if for no other reason than your great photos show the need to preserve this beautiful area. (Does that work?! :))
    I love the sense of motion in the grasses and in the imprints on the sand. Lovely.

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