I Changed my Focus to Sandy Dunes…

Themed 365 Project

Yes, it didn’t take long for me to change my focus after a few minutes of walking along Island Beach.  I had no idea of the prominence of dunes in central NJ. Now certainly they are small scale compared to dunes around the world but here they really play a key role in shaping the beauty of the park.

This is a shot of the end and southern most point of the park. The Barnegat Inlet is over on the left and you can see the Barnegat Lighthouse as well. But for me, I was more taken by the shapes and patterns of the dunes that separated the Atlantic Ocean from the Barnegat Bay. In fact these dunes became the major focus for the remainder of the outing.

Shot Settings:  Sigma 10-20mm at 14mm, f13 and 1/350 sec, iso 100



8 thoughts on “I Changed my Focus to Sandy Dunes…

  1. I like how this shot makes it look like the lighthouse is the land in front – not across the water. Reminds me of some streets I walk down in my area- they are sloped in a way that it looks like the Statue of Liberty is part of Brooklyn.

  2. I am surprised by the size of the dunes, I thought they would be smaller! Think of the shot you could get standing on top of that baby…pretend you didn’t see the sign lol

  3. Not being familiar with beaches, do those posts stabilize the dunes? or is it some other purpose? The color of the printing on the sign makes it very unobtrusive…matches the sand.

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