Some Things are Naturally Framed…

Themed 365 Project

I’m always up for a physical challenge and the mile and a half walk would not have phased me a bit. What ended up making the walk a bit laborious was the soft condition of the sand. I tried walking by the water but the dunes would obscure my vision of the lighthouse so most of the trek was made up, down and along the dunes of Island Beach.

Every hundred yards or so would present a decent look at the Barnegat Lighthouse across the bay and this one really framed “Old Barney” quite well. And since the sky was not very cooperative I though I might use the dunes as an interesting foreground element to help frame the shot. I bring this up because Julie , and rightfully so, questioned my positioning of the horizon in my last post(dead middle of the frame). Prevailing wisdom suggests that you should not position the horizon of any landscape scene directly in the middle and in most cases this seems to be true. But when I experimented with several crops in Lightroom each result seemed to be counterproductive to my intent of the shot. I really wanted to present a photo that showed the viewer the sense of distance the scene provided. Every crop I tried seemed to present too much contraction on the landscape and defeat my original intent. In this shot I did crop a portion of the top but in this case the contraction, I believe, actually brings more focus to the lighthouse, which is my intent.

BTW, I want to thank Julie for bringing up the horizon issue because it gave me an opportunity to explain my thoughts about the shot. Let me know what you think…even if you disagree with me. It’s okay!



15 thoughts on “Some Things are Naturally Framed…

  1. This just proves that the centre of interest doesn’t have to be large in the image, your framing is very effective here. My eyes went right to that itty-bitty lighthouse. Great image Mike – I LOVE those grasses along the top of the dunes, wow.

    It’s so beautiful where you are…

  2. Love this! I could stare at it forever…

    I kind of chuckled over the title of this post because what came ‘naturally’ to you in terms of framing your subject certainly wouldn’t have come naturally to a lot of us! While it is really just the foundation of what makes you a great photographer, your artistic ‘eye’ is a real gift. And so my comment about the horizon on your last post was made knowing full well that you didn’t choose that composition without thought. I knew you would have tried other more conventional placements of the horizon then discarded them as less pleasing. So I hoped the comment would spur you to explain your thought process – there is a lot for all of us to learn from getting inside your brain. 😉 Thanks, Mike!

  3. Not only did you do a perfect job framing the lighthouse, the tracks in the sand is the perfect leading line up to the frame! I love how you even make the sand dunes look good! 🙂

    Thanks for you nice comments on my architecture post…believe it or not, I am getting a bit burned out too! As soon as the real estate market starts it’s Spring season, I probably won’t be able to comment like I am not…just making up for it early lol And to answer your question, yes my architecture post is my lame try at HDR again. I am not sure I will ever master it, especially hand holding the camera…I really need to get used to using a tri pod, but for some reason It just bugs me to carry (laziness)! 🙂

  4. Although rules of composition are a good starting point, I believe that the artist eye makes for a much better image than strictly following rules. Your images are wonderful. I really like the composition and perspective of this natural framed lighthouse. The walk in the sandy dunes must have been very difficult.

  5. Interesting how we all perceive thing differently. I love the dunes in this photo and think that the light house really adds interest to them. As far as yesterday’s post, sometimes breaking the “rule” is what makes a photo or work of art stand out as it did in this case.

  6. What an interesting shot! I can’t imagine how tired you must have been after walking through all that sand. I really appreciate the efforts you make in setting up your shots. It’s an encouragement to me to try something different. (Someday, anyway LOL)

  7. Hmm… I usually try not to put the horizon line dead center, but it worked for the last photo – and the more conventional rule-of-thirds principle works for this photo. I guess it’s just a matter of having an artist’s eye and going with what feels right.

  8. Sometimes in shooting photos, it’s easy to get caught up in the scene and what feels right. The photo might defy the “rules” yet just be “right” because your camera was an extension of just what your artist’s eye was seeing. Art can never be defined totally by rules which are only a starting point for a composition.The grasses and the sand patterns leading up to the grasses really put an emphasis on your framed subject the lighthouse.Great photo!

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