Distant Location…

Themed 365 Project

My main subject to photograph is out there and someone told me it was only a mile and a half walk from the car park. Well from this initial vantage point it seemed a heck of a lot farther than that. Click on the picture to see what it is…

Yeah, that’s the Barnegat Lighthouse and although I’ve seen it and shot it before I’ve never seen it from an eastern vantage point.  I was really looking forward to taking shots from this location but in all honesty the weather didn’t quite cooperate with my visit. You see the night before I checked the weather for the next morning and it said partly to mostly cloudy… perfect for landscape photography but l as you can see they were wrong again and a cloudless sky leads to pretty boring landscapes.

Anyway, due to the lack of any clouds I quickly changed my focus away from the lighthouse and focused on something equally prominent at this location.   It’s something that goes with the territory and will be featured in the next few posts.  Anyone care to guess?

Shot settings: Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm, f13 and 1/125 sec and iso100


10 thoughts on “Distant Location…

  1. sorry to hear the weather didn’t cooperate, but you still managed some great shots. My guess is birds – big birds. Seagulls or something similar.

  2. I like this view also as one can see how the grasses interact with the dune sand and influence its form…at first look, I wasn’t sure if there was just sand or if this involved snow. Has a feeling of solitude. Almost like a blank canvas waiting for something (sunset, sunrise, etc) to happen.

  3. I find this very interesting since we don’t have sand dunes in my area….the uneven landscape w/ the grasses makes for an interesting composition!

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