Sunshine, Abundant Sunshine…

Themed 365 Project

My day at Island Beach was one of the best weather days in months. It was in the 40’s with plenty of sunshine, a perfect day to be on one of the nicest beaches , IMHO, in New Jersey. This beach, at the southern most part of the park, is one of several that allow vehicle access. On this morning though, not a car or person to be seen for miles.

The beach really is beautiful, no litter, super wide and surrounded by wind swept dunes (to be featured soon). I can imagine during the summer this place is packed….one reason I love to go in the off-season.

I snapped quite a few shots of this beach and picked these two due to the shape of the sun, produced I believe because of the aperture of f9.5. This Sigma 10-20mm really produces some great results within this aperture range. Both of these shots were taken at 10mm which is obviously, even with the cropped sensor, ultra-wide.


14 thoughts on “Sunshine, Abundant Sunshine…

  1. The sun looks really cool in both shots. I have never heard of this island before, but I love deserted beaches. We have some not too far away – hard to believe they are so close to the city and so empty. I want to make it to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Preserve when it warms up

  2. SSSTTTUUUNNNNNNIIINNNGGG! And I like them too, Now I want to be able to duplicate that Sun, was it dawn or dusk I can see the angle but not the direction. I suspect morning cause of the minimal tracks in the top one! Beautiful Sport – You Done Good!

  3. I want to be on that beach right now! I am loving that lens…what terrific results..especially on that sun! Beautiful, as always!

  4. We had sun today, too, but it was 4 degrees, not 40. I LOVE LOVE that top photo, with that long sweep of sandy track….my toes want to be there!

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