Sly Like A Red Tail Fox…

Themed 365 Project

I went to Island Beach State Park on Sunday morning intent on grabbing a few shots of the Barnegat Lightouse, the coastal dunes and these Red Tail Fox I’ve been seeing on Flickr. For the latter part of 3 hours or so I didn’t see any form of life, human or animal. Now I had never been to Island Beach State Park and all I knew was that it’s about the only coastal barrier island on the Eastern seaboard that remains undeveloped and it’s home to quite a few of these guys.

The first few hours I walked along the southern most tip of the park and I have to tell you that this strip of beach is just gorgeous. Pix on that will be posted at a later date. After I had walked along the beach my next focus was to trek along some of the trails in the middle part of the island. I have to admit I was not impressed with the first few trails and without any sign of life I was getting quite discouraged. It wasn’t till the last trail that I sighted one of these guys and this was as close as he would let me get before scurrying into the brush. So I continued my walk on the trail and eventually drawn to the fact that that would be my only sighting…..Time to go home.

I walk out of the trail and turn a blind corner to find 3 cars of people snapping away pictures of 4 red tail fox. I’m thinking I must have flushed them out and began to seize the moment. These guys were not a bit intimidated by any humans and in fact seemed to be posing waiting for a reward. I must have shot for 15-20 minutes as they walked around oblivious to all humans and cars for that matter. I must have shot 60 pictures and  I only managed 3-4 keepers that included a good look at their beautiful eyes. They  wouldn’t look anywhere near me. That reminded me of that old saying….”sly like a fox” .

22 thoughts on “Sly Like A Red Tail Fox…

    1. Ron thanks for the barb and the link, that’s a fine looking barn.If you get this can you revisit Kim’s blog to see if my reply posted…after I hit submit the message disappears into oblivion and I can’t tell if it gets posted. Thanks!

      1. Really odd! I use open ID to post comments on Blogger sites by posting my WP Blog Addinto the WP space provided under Open ID. Seems to get through generally.

        I went back to Kims Barn and to her Large post and saw no comments by you!

        Did you like the 19 exposures barb (I thought it creative) LOL

  1. I’m so glad you managed to capture some shots of these gorgeous animals. If I was alone on a trail and ran into one, I’d probably high-tail it the other way. I can see why Ron thought “Corgi!” on the first shot. I love the colors in the second shot – his fir is great and so are the eyes

  2. That second image really captures this beauties personality…I can almost see it’s cunning brain at work! A truly beautiful photo, Mike!

    1. Boy has he fooled you Lady the Fox is a Saint by comparison It is Boomer Boy who is the Brer Fox, “Don’t throw me in the Briar Patch Brer Mike Please Don’t!” LOL
      Signed Brer Ron

  3. How lucky to see these fine animals! We were driving to a trailhead one day and came upon a beautiful silver fox, posing by the side of the road. Of course, our cameras were way in the BACK of the Subaru. Lesson learned…though we tried to sneak out the door to fetch cameras, even that stealthy noise was enough to spook him. Now we keep them close at hand!

  4. Fabulous fox foto! He looks like he is putting up with the press and waiting for all to leave so he can get back to his everyday life after everyone spooked his meal away.

  5. What gorgeous shots! You really did capture those golden/amber eyes so well. We actually have some of these foxes in California as well. Hard to believe. I love the texture of the fur in your photos.

  6. That is beautiful! It does look like he was posing for you. How fortunate you were able to get such a nice, sharp closeup. It does actually look like he’s toying with all the humans.

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