New Menu Items…

Themed 365 Project

I’ve been delving into wordpress this afternoon trying to make my site more user friendly by having easy access to things you want to see. So I’ve changed my menu (at the top) to include direct links to my other sites on the web as well as direct links to tutorials (HDR) I’ve written on this and past blogs. So hover your mouse over those items in the menu and choose the link you want to see and please give me your thoughts on this navigation.

Should you have any ideas or suggestions please do comment. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “New Menu Items…

  1. Seems to work but a small hassle for us who WON’T have a flickr or Facebook account, I will still need to comment here, in fact I think I need a facebook account to even look at enlarged images there. So If you intend doing a Grant Dixon, I will only be able to comment via email. Aw Shoot I guess I just made it appealing for you to switch! LOL

    How many images went into your header pano, I can only see three but suspect there are more.

  2. Seems great, but your About Me should definitely have a photo! So important to have a face to personalize it all. (And yes, I’ve seen a picture of you somewhere on the blog, but I can’t remember where.)

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