Themed 365 Project


Walnford Park, much to my surprise, presented many opportunities to utilize my favorite technique, HDR.  After taking the shots of the carriage and the barn I thought the opportunities for quality HDR were over but as I entered the Grist Mill I quickly change my mind. This is the “business office” in the front of the mill and as you can see the conditions were nearly perfect for a few more brackets. I take that back, the conditions were perfect….I had texture, a few intriguing props and the main ingredient-bright, filtered light. This combination will always generate perfect HDR!

Processing: 6 bracketed shots tonemapped in Photomatix and a simple finish in Lightroom.



10 thoughts on “Windows…

  1. each time I think you can’t get a better shot from this location, you prove me wrong. I feel like I am seeing this room with my own eyes – and although I may not be able to articulate it in fancy photo words, that’s meant to be a big compliment!

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