Ornamental Design….Singer Sewing Machine

Themed 365 Project

The main residence at Walnford Park in Allentown, NJ is the Waln House. It was built in 1773 and at the time was one of the larest residences in this part of New Jersey. Within it’s three story structure are many artifacts and antiques of the 1800’s. One of those antiques being this Singer Sewing Machine. I was immediately drawn to the ornamental design on the body of this machine and decided to take a few shots. I didn’t know much about the sewing machine or the Singer company so I went on a webquest and found out some interesting information, mainly that the invention and subsequent patent wars became quite a litigious mess.  You can find much of that information here and here if you, like me, like useless information.

Shot settings: f4.5, 1/10 sec, 14mm and iso 100


13 thoughts on “Ornamental Design….Singer Sewing Machine

  1. if you ever find one of these for sale, there are plenty of people who still want them. My mom used to have one like this and she still misses it (has an electric one now). I know a bit about sewing machines because Elias Howe is buried at my local cemetery (Green-Wood). I have an idea for a post about him later this year and I will share his story, which is pretty funny.

  2. I have one of these at home, and I know how beautiful the woodgrain/veneer is. Now I’m inspired to clean it up and see if I can get it to work. I love the idea of the treadly pedaly.

  3. I am loving this series…I have associated you with HDR landscapes and you are expanding into a whole new light! I love this in HDR, the rich colors and intricate details are just awesome!

  4. Great detail in the painted ornamentation on the old sewing machine. It looks like it is in a fine old oak cabinet as well?! Your photo really brings out the colors and the grain of the wood. Really great stuff, Mike!

  5. I can remember learning to sew on a machine much like this one when my legs didn’t quite reach the treadle. Very nice series and excellent processing.

  6. Reminds me of my grandma’s Singer (which wasn’t nearly this old). It sat in her large, upstairs hallway for years, and after she stopped sewing, became the telephone table/pseudo desk for a laptop….so you could hijack the dial-up phone line for AOL. 😀

  7. As a lover of all things sewing related, this is great. Too bad there is so much plastic on our new machines—won’t last nearly as long as this beautiful one.

  8. It does make you think back to when they actually embellished practical consumer products to make them more appealing to look at. A think of the past, I think. Great look to this, Mike, with an interesting perspective presented.

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