Nobody Left This Barn Door Open…

Themed 365 Project

Another scene that I got real excited about, all the great texture, fantastic lighting and another perfect opportunity for HDR. Oh and since no one was around I did a little bit of re-arranging too. Going to Walnford Park was a great little experience. While walking through the various barns, estate home and grist mill I got a real genuine look at life in the middle to late 1800’s. I must be getting older because years ago I could have cared less about stuff like this. Living in these times must have been quite adventurous yet very uncertain. I think I would have enjoyed it since I do like to get my hands dirty… at times.

Processing was similar to the last shot with the exception of one less exposure due to the absence of any direct light from the sun, allowing me to capture all highlights and shadows in 5 brackets. I think it warrants a Gallery matte…you?

17 thoughts on “Nobody Left This Barn Door Open…

  1. I would say gallery status, yes… this is superb Mike!

    First off the image itself is perfect composition and the HDR post-processing is the best you have done IMHO.

    Truly an incredible work of art…

  2. Absolutely! I would love to have it hanging in my house. Your HDR work is so superior to any I’ve seen. The subtlety that you achieve in the processing is so outstanding. All while still bringing out the character of the wood and the lighting.

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