Vehicle of Choice…

Themed 365 Project

Sometimes you can just tell that you have near perfect lighting and all you need to do is find the correct perspective. This is one of those shots. I have two perspectives of this carriage and decided to show this one first. I just love the look of this carriage from this spot.

As for processing, I needed 6 exposures at 1 stop increments to catch all the shadows and especially the highlights in the window. I then blended the shadows in a original file to the tonemapped file to darken the left quarter of the scene. Then had a go at a high pass filter and imported back into Lightroom. Finally adding the Gallery matte to finish it off.

16 thoughts on “Vehicle of Choice…

  1. What do you mean it’s not SOOC!! This is why I’ll always just do photography for fun – and leave all the processing to those who really know their stuff – looking forward to more and more.

  2. OMG!!! I love this buggy! Thanks for your processing explanation but as a newbie it is almost all over my head. I’ll have to come back to this post later when it means more to me and use it as a tutorial!! The workmanship that went into your photo is ALMOST as much as it took to craft the buggy. And almost as fine! (I’m not saying this in a negative fashion, just in awe!) Thanks for sharing!

  3. it’s beautiful – can’t wait to see the other. Thanks for providing all of the processing details, but in my newbie mind it was “As for processing, I …..(something I don’t understand)…..and then I (wha?)… I (something about highlights)…” Maybe someday I’ll know 🙂

  4. Super, Mike! I especially like the angle you took on this buggy. The lighting is amazing and you really showed off the wonderful old leaf springs on the buggy. Great work.

    1. Unfortunately not much…my intent is always to print my best shots but I never seem to get around to it. Although the more I look at this shot the more likely I am going to print it. How bout you?

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