Springsteens City or Town…

Themed 365 Project

Downtown Freehold, the childhood home of “The Boss”………Bruce Springsteen.

If you’ve never heard of him listen to him sing about his hometown here.

3 shot HDR finished in Lightroom with some dodging and burning.

23 thoughts on “Springsteens City or Town…

  1. I love The Boss and I love that song!

    Wow, you have outdid yourself wit this one…you captured the very essence of a small town with so much detail and realistic color…I feel like I could walk down the sidewalks!

  2. I saw Springsteen live back in the 80s on his Born in the USA tour. Loved his songs back then and maybe even more now that I’m an ex-pat.

    This is a wonderfully evocative image and as Tammy says, I feel like I could just step right onto the sidewalk.

  3. Great tones Mike! I’m not much of a fan of Bruce, but that’s a wonderful image regardless of who’s home town it happens to be. Well done.

  4. Feel like I’m there…I love getting a peek into the ordinary everyday American town and city instead of always just the touristy spots even though those are interesting too. Very easy to relate to a place like in your photo.

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