Themed 365 Project

Have you ever had a scene or composition that you loved when you shot it but the original file and your usual processing just doesn’t do anything to make it worthy of posting? What do you do? Do you usually just hit the delete button?

This is one of those shots for me. I took the shot because I loved the patterns created by weeks of wind and snow at the beach in Point Pleasant. When I imported it into Lightroom and looked at the original RAW I was pretty disappointed, no contrast, no color , no umph. I almost hit the delete button right then and there but remembered a few shots that I had taken in the past with the same circumstances that, after processing, turned out much better than anticipated. I decided to process this shot with my usual work-flow anyway. Those results were also uninspiring. Delete button? Yes, No? No! I always have to remind myself to think outside of the box and remember that all adjustments in Lightroom are non-destructive and experimenting with extreme adjustments might produce something really interesting and will not harm the original file. I decided to max out just 3 adjustments in Lightroom: brightness, saturation and vibrance. That did the trick. The shot already had a built-in vignette and I think that really contributed to the end result as well.

So my advise here is think outside the box with images that you like and your normal processing just doesn’t cut it. Experiment with extreme adjustments, look at all available presets, tweek things here and there and don’t automatically hit that delete button….. I’m glad I didn’t!


19 thoughts on “Abstract…

  1. I am so glad you didn’t hit the delete button and kept playing…this turned out fantastic…the colors you created and the vignettes really makes this very dimensional! So different than your usual style (really shows your artistic side)!

  2. I don’t have your strength of purpose but to me you have turned that into what I thought was a Coral Key viewed through slightly choppy shallow water. That is Art my Friend!

  3. This looks like the place I went snorkeling in Cancun – like a coral reef under the deep blue sea.

    LOL…just read Ron’s comment. Great minds think alike!

  4. What beauty a few extra clicks makes! Looks like a deep ocean floor. Great colors and a sense of movement. Great work, Mike. I still say it takes a good eye to see the possibilities in a shot like this!! πŸ™‚

  5. I thought it a warm water reef too, maybe your subconscious is telling you something

    My not fast dsl has been gagging on your site- you’ve been making some fantastic images, I love the gallery presentation of shades of gray especially.

  6. Before reading your explanation I thought it was one of those electron microscopic(many times magnified) pictures of some everyday item like the surface of toothpaste, then I saw a reef like a lot of other people. So glad you played around with it and didn’t hit the delete button.

  7. This is way cool. Great textures. Sometimes I go fish out photo that I nixed months ago. It’s all part of the fun.

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