Themed 365 Project

Last in the series of shots in the Point Pleasant marina. It’s such a great place to take pictures especially on a Sunday morning in January. Nobody around and free to move about the place uninhibited.

When I’m at a location like this I’m always trying to find unique angles to present this boats in a fashion not normally seen.  Certainly these last few shots I haven’t been been able to be too creative and that’s mainly because of the presence of snow and ice on the very narrow dock s at this location. I’m always willing but not at the cost of falling into the freezing Manasquan River.

3 shot HDR with a little help from Topaz Adjust.


16 thoughts on “Arranged…

  1. The combination of HDR and topaz is a winner…I love the (I am guessing) spicified colors and all of that rich texture! It is cool how the glowing gold grasses and their reflections coordinate w/ the colors on the boats! Loving this!

  2. Another stunner! I’ve enjoyed your whole Point series. This one is such a classic shot but your processing has raised it out of the realm of the ordinary. If you ever do a show, you must let me know. I’d love to come if I am able.

  3. I really enjoyed all three of these marina shots, though I think yesterday’s was my favorite. You really have a flair for this processing. Lovely.

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