Themed 365 Project

Just a few feet from my last post, this shot still features the cloud cover of the morning and more of the fishing boats docked in the Manasquan River. I might have one more from my visit to finish the series, unless your bored with it already?

HDR from 3 brackets with dodging and burning in selected areas.


19 thoughts on “Nautical…

  1. Keep ’em coming…I am loving this series…something I don’t get to see in Nebraska!

    I like this one even more than yesterdays…Love, love that dramatic sky and the golden grasses! Great perspective on the fishing boat and wonderful details. I can feel the motion of the boat!

  2. Okay – you can officially call me a fan! I love, love, love your images! I’m chomping at the bit to get Photomatrix Pro and try my hand at some HDR images. I may have to come to you for advice.

  3. It’s nice to see these two shots from different angles. I’m absolutely awe struck by your images (in case you didn’t already know)!! The colors are magnificent. BTW…if I come to NJ will you mentor me in HDR photography!!

  4. Of course being from a landlocked state, I love seeing ocean/water photography. I love the lines of the clouds in the sky that are reflected below in the water giving SO much movement to the scene. Interesting crop also.

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