Themed 365 Project


Oh boy…I can just hear the captain when they get 10-15 miles out and the deckhand realizes he forgot the net. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Deadliest Catch you know what I’m talk’in about!

This is one of the first scenes where I made a conscious decision to do some rearranging to create a scene that might have some interest. And no Ron…the boat was gone already, I didn’t steal the net from the boat!

3 shot HDR with some dodging and burning to selective areas.


12 thoughts on “Forgotten…

  1. I like how you’ve put this together, even the clouds in the sky co-operated to help lead my eyes out to wherever that boat went, the orangey contrast of the grasses on the bank are interesting too. Great storyline also

  2. You should have swam after them and saved him all that anguish. I would have stood it against the post before shooting though as the rest of the shot is far more interesting.

  3. You have me chuckling…I can hear the Captain now! You could not have composed this any better! You always have the most perfect lighting! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for your suggestions on my barn pic…I have never done and canvas and I am going to try it! 🙂

  4. So much detail in this storytelling shot…from the grain in the dock posts to the interesting sky and mirror reflection in the water. Very nice composition!

  5. You did a great job having the forgotten net take centre stage.

    A local photography artist has said he often stages his landscapes to a degree… vaseline to a canoe for sheen in the early light, splaying water on rocks to darken them. What he doesn’t do is postprocessing other than developing.

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