Themed 365 Project

I spotted this lone shell as I was walking along the Atlantic in the early hours of the morn. I really like how the civil dawn sunlight has hit this shell…quite perfect!


19 thoughts on “Shiny…

  1. There is no missing that shell…the lighting just makes it glow…it’s screaming “LOOK AT ME”! Love the simplicity of the image!

  2. Makes you realize the difference when the light-is-right, the shell wouldn’t have even been noticed had the early light not been hitting it. Really a lovely natural image Ron!

  3. This photo is so simple in composition yet so wonderfully done. Love all the detail in the sand. There are any number of quotes that would look good on this as a canvas. Simply beautiful!!

  4. So much to love about this one. The singularity, tones and textures and the darkness surrounding the photo all blend to make this a photo that speaks volumes. I love it when simplicity and drama mix together!

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