Center Of Interest…

Themed 365 Project

Birding seemed to be the interest of the day and on my way to this spot I must have passed 12 bird watchers with tripods  and observation spotting scopes made by Swarovski. And since their interest was on birds I turned my interest on them.

This is the breakwater located in Point Pleasant NJ and a spot that I’ve featured on other occasions. As always, even in the dead of winter, somethings always going on at the Jersey Shore.

3 shot HDR with my Canon XTI and a Sigma 10-20mm lens


15 thoughts on “Center Of Interest…

  1. And not a bird in view. Good job on getting three shots for processing with no movement showing on the men there, and a great image that is a pleasure to view.

  2. As always, awesome lighting, subject & perspective! I love the shore and have not been in quite awhile, but your photos are an encouragement to make the trip.

  3. Really such a great composition you have captured – the action of the birdwatching going on and a gorgeous landscape. Makes for a very compelling image Mike, really struck by this one.

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