The Letter R…

Themed 365 Project

…is for Raymond of course!

Yes I know this wasn’t taken in 2011 but who cares. I just got to looking at some of my Christmas shots and this shot of my father in law caught my eye. Plus, who doesn’t like Ray Romano? Even my soon to be 15 year old daughter can tell you about virtually every episode. What’s your favorite episode? Lets hear it….


13 thoughts on “The Letter R…

  1. R is for Rebuttal! (as well as Ron)

    You and Sally would get on – She Loves Raymond but “Not This Little Black Duck!
    so your statement “Plus, who doesn’t like Ray Romano?” is R for wRong! Cause not everybody does!

  2. He looks like he is ready to rip open the package and start watching the series! This is one of our favorites…we are watching all the re runs AGAIN! My favorite is when the car goes through Raymond’s living room wall.

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