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The University Chapel is  located on the campus of Princeton University. It was built in 1926 and is the 3rd largest university chapel in the world. It is just one of the many architectural masterpieces on this beautiful and pristine campus.

I went into the archives for the shot above and processed it slightly different than this shot posted last March….

Perspective aside…which one do you like better?

27 thoughts on “Interior…

  1. Oh my goodness!! Do I have to choose? I like them both…each for a different reason. I am breathless because the architecture is so grand and I can almost smell the incense! My childhood church had similar design but not nearly so large of course. With the terrible lighting in a church, how long an exposure did you have to shoot to get these? I love how you have processed them.

  2. P.S. Makes me want to go back home and shoot the old church for the memory book. Went to Mass there every morning during elementary school so lots of memories there.

  3. I think the bottom one tells more of a story, but my query is when was this taken, are you afraid to leave the house or been included on the witness protection scheme (AGAIN)???

  4. I like them both but my preference is the one from last March. I guess I’m kind of stuck on the traditional view down the center isle. Although the more recent one shows the size better. Both are great! Has the snow hit you yet?

  5. Perspective wise, the bottom image, but processing wise the top image…I love how all of those details and colors just pop…I am in awe once again!

  6. Wow! I had to spend every Tuesday night for almost a year in Princeton for work, visiting a client. I never found this place. Gorgeous! My preference is for the bottom photo.

  7. Wow wow wow, like the last one. I wish I had been able to get shots like this in Paris. Some of the buildings they would not allow cameras. These are both beautiful.

  8. *passout*

    *deep breaths*

    *getting up slowly from the floor*

    I love, love, love big cathedrals, having practically grown up in one. This is a beautiful church and your pictures really do it justice. Thank you for flooring me first thing in the morning. Seriously. 🙂

  9. The details of the building on the first one is great and I like that angle (did similar ones at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul). When I compare these two the second photo sort of drags me into it, a great feeling and the light is perfect!

  10. Both images are stunning. I like the processing in the top photo a little better. To me it is warmer. Both shots are stunning. I also really like your use of HDR – it is not the over the top cartoon processing so many people do.

  11. Strictly for answering, I would pick the second one. Simply because I have not seen anything quite like it.

    Both shots are amazing.

    I like the processing you did on the second one more.

  12. I like the first one better. I laugh at this being called a chapel though . . . it’s humongous . . . should be called a cathedral!

    I love all the colors in the stained glass and the curve in the ceiling too.

  13. It’s difficult to choose between the two images, you’ve captured an incredible amount of detail in both and both beautifully represent the inside of this awesome chapel.

    I also can’t get away from preferring this perspective, beautifully composed Mike and it draws me right inside. What popped out at me this morning are the reflections of colour on the aisle floor – gorgeous! I have to go with this one but both are excellent images as always.

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