Themed 365 Project

During the summer months this ramp is quite busy with wannabe boaters embarking onto the Manasquan Reservoir. This is also the area of the reservoir where I took my #1 viewed shot of 2010 and that can be seen here.

Shot settings and processing:

3 shot HDR processed in photomatix then finished in Lightroom with adjustments in clarity, saturation,  adding a graduated filter for the sky, decreased color temp. to cooler tone and finally added a slight vignette.


16 thoughts on “Fence…

  1. I am loving the HDR effects on the fencing against that smooth white snow…this is just fascinating…I could stare at this one for a while!

  2. The HDR has really contrasted the roughness of the wooden fences/docks against the beautifully serene sky. This is one No Parking sign that really deserves to be there as it looks like a hazardous area. The trees frame your scene beautifully.

  3. Your processing of HDR images is striking. I really enjoy these images. That said the lighting, composition and overall processing of this image is wonderful.

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