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A few more from my jaunt to Sandy Hook. I was really surprised that we could get icebergs (out of a lack of something else to call them) in New Jersey. I assume the strong winds out of the west during the blizzard brought these ashore…wow, the power of nature!

Shot Settings: Photo 1….Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm, f/11. 1/90 sec @ iso 100                    Photo 2…Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm, f/11, 1/125 sec @ iso 100

Just did  some research on icebergs and found out that bergs are classified by size and these would be considered a ” Bergy Bit” iceberg because they measure approximately 3-16  feet in height and 16- 50 feet long. You know I’m not called “The King of Useless Information” for noth’in….




20 thoughts on “Large…

  1. Enjoyed seeing the “bergs”. Do you usually shoot your landscapes using a tripod? I like your #1 shot from last year but I think I have several others that are MY favorites.This is a very serene shot.

    1. Yes, I use a tripod most of the time….sharp pix are what I want and the tripod is more stable than my hands:)
      Care to share your favs?

      1. I think #4 and #8 are my favorites. Of course I love the leaf on the grate also. Will have to get my tripod out this spring and use it for more than family remote shots.

  2. Outstanding….the way the light is hitting the icebergs just really makes them stand out…It almost looks to warm for icebergs to be forming!

  3. Wow, they look like big chunks of foam! I love the bottom one in particular. I love the light you captured and the awesome detail.
    I loved so many of your photos from 2010, but certainly two of my favorites were your recent shots of your daughters!

  4. Those icebergs are huge! And thanks for the berg info. I’m going to have to start using the tripod more. Your photos are so sharp and crisp – and the light in these two is spectacular.

  5. The power of nature is amazing – your images do a wonderful job portraying nature. You do a great job catching the light. I love your composition – makes your images compelling to look at.

  6. I love fun factoids like there is such a thing as a bergy bit, especially more so whilst getting to see such fine examples! I am also glad to not see them on beaches here..

  7. I really like that bergy bit shot – the light grabs me again. I thought Ron was always the king of useless information, but I see he turned that crown over to you now – good to know it’s still “in the family.”

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